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Statutory Audit

Audit of the Annual Financial Statements as required by law in order to report on whether the company’s annual financial statements fairly present its financial position, the results of its operations and cash flow.  Identification of areas of material risk facing the business; highlighting of potential weaknesses in the systems and making recommendations.

Special Audit

Auditing when audit is not required by law, as is the case with a sole trader, a close corporation, etc.  Auditing when fraud is suspected.  The purpose being to uncover the source and eliminate fraud.  Performance auditing for the private and public sector organisations.  The purpose is to evaluate the utilisation of resources in order to ensure that they are effectively and efficiently used.

Internal Audit

Review of the systems of internal control to provide management with analysis, recommendations and other information concerning the activities being reviewed.  The end result is improved performance through effective systems of internal control.

Corporate Governance

Assist Board of Directors and Audit Committees in implementing and maintaining effective systems of Corporate Governance. Assist with Public Finance and Management Act (PFMA) compliance. Assist with preparation of shareholders’ compact. Assist in the risk assessment of organisations in line with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and King II requirements.

Forensic & Investigating Auditing

Businesses today are increasingly exposed to risks of loss due to fraud or commercial litigation.  Businesses, which are best equipped to manage these risks effectively, are more likely to enjoy long term success.  We will help you manage the financial aspects of fraud investigations and litigation support.  The services we offer include: Fraud investigations, Asset tracing and recovery, Business claim computations, Business valuation disputes, Litigation support services, Development of fraud prevention and response plans.